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Trunk Junk - Edition Four


Trunk Junk is a dis-continued limited edition magazine that started back in 2009. Last year the boys running it called an end to the magazine, but luckily for us, one of the original founders is very close to us, so we have access to back editions.

The magazine covers snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, art, design, music and general street culture. There's nothing quite like it out there.

  • 120 Pages
  • High Quality Recycled paper Stock
  • Comes plastic wrapped with stickers
  • Limited to 1000pcs
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Additional Info

The Fourth Edition dives into the realms of some of the worlds most inspirational artists and riders including POSE, 123KLAN, DABS & MYLA, PEACHBEACH, THE YOK, JAKE KOIA, CHARLES BECKINSALE, WILL JACKWAYS, CORBIN HARRIS, BRETT CHAN, OWEN WRIGHT, DAVE RASTA and more!